When Otto Rosfeld isn't busy reciting cowboy poetry or playing his guitar, he spends time enjoying his many other favorite hobbies.

'Rusty bits & pieces'

By Nick Teets “Rusty bits and pieces, hanging on my garden wall. Pick me up and hold me, when I fly too high and fall.” -Lyrics Otto Rosfeld “I guess I just have never grown up,” says Otto Rosfeld as
Venetta Arganbright at Centennial Hall in Valentine, Neb., on June 12, 2013. (Photo by Andrew Dickinson)

A modest haunting

By Jacob Zlomke It’s haunted, they say. That’s what got us there — that and the delighted older women that operate the Centennial Hall museum and basement thrift store that supports the museum. An episode of one of those ridiculous
The Stolzenburg's have been collecting minerals for 48 years and have more than 300 species in their home just outside of Valentine, NE. (Photo by Lauren Justice)

A family's collection

By Lauren Justice Bud and Jean Stolzenburg started collecting minerals 48 years ago when they moved to Arizona for a teaching position. “You can’t live in Arizona without becoming a rock hound,” Bud says with a laugh. Today they own
  • Cowboy fast draw, Valentine, NE. Photo by @andrewdickinsonphoto
  • Ball is not bouncing our way. Valentine Badgers down 28-0 at halftime on a cold night in Chadron, NE. Here #40 Braxton Coleman listens to Coach Beebout's locker room message: Keep your heads up, play with your ❤️s, and have fun, dammit! Photo by @jon_augo
  • Valentine faces off against Chadron tonight, in Chadron. The Fly Over Me crew (currently just @jon_augo and I) drove 500 miles today for two shoots. Photo by @andrewdickinsonphoto
  • William Spotted Tail leaving the Rosebud community services building this morning. Photo by jon_augo
  • Musical chairs at a traditional song and dance outreach program run by William Spotted Tail in Ideal, South Dakota. Photo by @andrewdickinsonphoto
  • Thanks to THE AMERICAN GUIDE for letting us share our story about a little town in Nebraska. Follow @americanguide on Instagram as we take over during our final week in Valentine.

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    Get ready for a week of flyover territory - our friends at @[361139200652613:274:Fly Over Me] are taking over the AG Instagram feed for reports from Valentine, Nebraska and its environs! Don't know about y'all, but I'm pretty ready to see more of a place with a corner bar, live entertainment, and ride up parking.

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