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  • For the first time, you can buy Fly Over Me prints! And we have more than 100 options for you to choose from. Which picture would you want on your wall?

    Any money gained from this will go toward expenses for our second summer in America's Heart City - think of your purchase in terms of the amount of ramen noodles it will buy and you get the idea.

    Fly Over Me print store
    Click to browse and choose between more than 100 Sandhills photos.

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  • The crew. Thanks for coming to the show last night!
  • @andrewdickinsonphoto is ready to take your questions at our first Friday show
  • Henderson's IGA with no power. All of Valentine has lost power. Photo by @andrewdickinsonphoto
  • Pop Corn, Candy Apples, Sno Kone, Cold Drinks, Cotton Candy. Photo by @andrewdickinsonphoto
  • Rodeo has started! Photo by @andrewdickinsonphoto

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