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  • Thanks to THE AMERICAN GUIDE for letting us share our story about a little town in Nebraska. Follow @americanguide on Instagram as we take over during our final week in Valentine.

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    Get ready for a week of flyover territory - our friends at @[361139200652613:274:Fly Over Me] are taking over the AG Instagram feed for reports from Valentine, Nebraska and its environs! Don't know about y'all, but I'm pretty ready to see more of a place with a corner bar, live entertainment, and ride up parking.

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  • Cowboy fast draw, Valentine, NE. Photo by @andrewdickinsonphoto
  • Ball is not bouncing our way. Valentine Badgers down 28-0 at halftime on a cold night in Chadron, NE. Here #40 Braxton Coleman listens to Coach Beebout's locker room message: Keep your heads up, play with your ❤️s, and have fun, dammit! Photo by @jon_augo
  • Valentine faces off against Chadron tonight, in Chadron. The Fly Over Me crew (currently just @jon_augo and I) drove 500 miles today for two shoots. Photo by @andrewdickinsonphoto
  • William Spotted Tail leaving the Rosebud community services building this morning. Photo by jon_augo
  • Musical chairs at a traditional song and dance outreach program run by William Spotted Tail in Ideal, South Dakota. Photo by @andrewdickinsonphoto

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